End State is a creative agency that specialises in the production of commercial video and photo content tailored to the Defence and Security sectors.


Our productions are 'Advisor-led', which means we engage vetted subject matter experts to provide critical product-centric insight throughout the process. Our advisors are hand-picked from serving and veteran roles and support productions by providing:

  • Operational scenario storyboards
  • Guidance on authentic tactics and procedures 
  • Awareness of inauthentic details
  • Insights on strategies that will engage other experts in their field

These invaluable insights enhance credibility, resulting in impactful and compelling video content tailored to our client's needs.


As a full-service agency, we handle every aspect of a project from creation to completion. We provide the creative crew and equipment and can source whatever on-screen requirements relate to that individual production. This encompasses elements such as soldiers, vehicles, clothing, weapons, and more. With our expert advisors, we ensure every detail is authentic and tailored to the specific production's needs.


We operate as a collective, ensuring that each production is supported by a diverse team of creative professionals ideally suited to the project's needs. Our talent pool includes individuals from commercial, broadcast, and film backgrounds who can navigate the unique constraints of the defence sector.


Our capabilities encompass a broad range of video and photo content requirements. From product launches to showcasing features and benefits to narrating brand stories and sharing customer testimonials, we offer diverse options to communicate brand messages effectively. Additionally, we provide behind-the-scenes footage, tutorials, user-generated content, and influencer collaborations, ensuring comprehensive brand engagement across all platforms.